TAILIEUCHUNG - Common erros in English part 2

Trong suốt cuốn sách có giải thích rõ ràng, và câu mẩu nơi cần thiết. Khi nó rất hữu ích để thu hút sự chú ý đến chính tả quy đây là những ngữ pháp đơn giản để người đọc có thể tra cứu với hàng trăm các từ có liên quan. Mục đích luôn luôn có được để làm cho người đọc tự tin hơn và ngày càng tự lực cánh sinh. | ADDING ENDINGS drop ed flat est win ing sun y dropped flattest winning sunny y counts as a vowel when it sounds like i or e. See vowels. Treat qu as one letter quit ing quip ed quitting quipped Don t double final w and x. They would look very odd and so we have correctly tax ing paw ed taxing pawed ii The magic -e rule This rule applies to all words ending with a silent -e. . hope care achieve sincere separate When you add an ending beginning with a consonant keep the -e hope ful care less sincere ly separate ly achieve ment hopeful careless sincerely separately achievement When you add an ending beginning with a vowel drop the -e hope ing care er sincere ity separate ion achieve ed hoping carer sincerity separation achieved Do however keep the -e in words like singeing different from singing and dyeing different 5 ADDING ENDINGS from dying and whenever you need to keep the identity of the base word clear . shoeing canoeing . Do remember to keep the -e with soft c and soft g words. It s the e that keeps them soft courageous traceable . See soft c and soft g. Don t keep the -e with these eight exceptions to the rule truly duly ninth argument wholly awful whilst wisdom. iii -y rule This rule applies to all words ending in -y. Look at the letter before the -y in the base word. It doesn t matter at all what kind of ending you are adding. When you add an ending to a word ending in a vowel y keep the y portray ed portrayed employ ment employment When you add an ending to a word ending in a consonant y change the y to i try al empty er pity less lazy ness trial emptier pitiless laziness Do keep the y when adding -ing. Two i s together would look very odd despite our two words ski-ing and taxi-ing. try ing trying empty ing emptying Don t apply the rule in these fourteen cases daily gaily gaiety laid paid said slain babyhood shyly shyness dryness slyness wryly wryness. 6 ADDING ENDINGS iv The 2-1-1 rule This rule applies to words of TWO syllables ending with ONE .

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