TAILIEUCHUNG - Process Systems Analysis And Control P1

In this chapter we consider an illustrative example of a control system. The goal is to introduce some of the basic principles and problems involved in process control and to give the reader an early look at an overall problem typical of those we shall face in later chapters. | Donald R. COUGHANOWR Process Systems Analysis and Control --- ----- Second Edition óa McGRAW-HILL INTERNATIONAL EDITIONS lYniÈ Chemical Engineering Series PROCESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND CONTROL McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series Editorial Advisory Board James J. Carherry Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Notre Dame James R. Fair Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Texas Austin William P. Schowalter Dean School of Engineering University of Illinois Matthew Tirrell Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Minnesota James Wei Professor of Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Max S. Peters Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Colorado Building the Literature of a Profession Fifteen prominent chemical engineers first met in New York more than 60 years ago to plan a continuing literature for their rapidly growing profession. From Industry came such pioneer practitioners as Leo H. Baekeland Arthur D. Little Charles L. Reese John V. N. Dorr M. C. Whitaker and R. S. McBride. From the universities came such eminent educators as William H. Walker Alfred H. White D. D. Jackson J. H. James Warren K. Lewis and Harry A. Curtis. H. C. Parmelee then editor of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering served as chairman and was joined subsequently by S. D. Kirkpatrick as consulting editor. After several meetings this committee submitted its report to the Hill Book Company in September 1925. In the report were detailed specifications for a correlated series of more than a dozen texts and reference books which have since become the McGraw-Hill Series in Chemical Engineering and which became the cornerstone of the chemical engineering curriculum. From this beginning there has evolved a series of texts surpassing by far the scope and longevity envisioned by the founding Editorial Board. The McGrawHill Series in Chemical Engineering stands as a unique historical record of the development of chemical engineering .

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