TAILIEUCHUNG - Resource Handbook of Electronics P1

The atomic theory of matter specifies that each of the many chemical elements is composed of unique and identifiable particles called atoms. In ancient times only 10 were known in their pure, uncombined form; these were carbon, sulfur, copper, antimony, iron, tin, gold, silver, mercury, and lead. Of the several hundred now identified, less than 50 are found in an uncombined, or chemically free, form on earth. | Whitaker Jerry C. Frontmatter The Resource Handbook of Electronics. Ed. Jerry C. Whitaker Boca Raton CRC Press LLC 2001 2001 by CRC PRESS LLC The Resource Handbook of ELECTRONICS 2001 by CRC PRESS LLC ELECTRONICS HANDBOOK SERIES Series Editor Jerry C. Whitaker Technical Press Morgan Hill California PUBLISHED TITLES AC POWER SYSTEMS HANDBOOK SECOND EDITION Jerry C. Whitaker THE COMMUNICATIONS FACILITY DESIGN HANDBOOK Jerry C. Whitaker THE ELECTRONIC PACKAGING HANDBOOK Glenn R. Blackwell POWER VACUUM TUBES HANDBOOK SECOND EDITION Jerry C. Whitaker MICROELECTRONICS Jerry C. Whitaker SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES AND CIRCUITS Jerry C. Whitaker SIGNAL MEASUREMENT ANALYSIS AND TESTING Jerry C. Whitaker THERMAL DESIGN OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Ralph Remsburg THE RESOURCE HANDBOOK OF ELECTRONICS Jerry C. Whitaker FORTHCOMING TITLES ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE HANDBOOK Jerry C. Whitaker 2001 by CRC PRESS .

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