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HTML in 10 Steps or Less- P17:Welcome to HTML in 10 Simple Steps or Less. Our mission in writing this book is to provide a quick and accessible way for you to learn Hypertext Markup Language — the lingua franca of the World Wide Web. We hope this book provides a resource that beginning and intermediate HTML coders can use to improve their Web development skills. It is also our hope that it fills multiple roles as both a teaching tool and a reference once you expand your skills. | 296 Part 13 Task Downloading and Installing BBEdit Any company that sells its software under the tag line It doesn t suck is a winner with us. BBEdit is the premiere HTML and text-editing application for Macintosh OS. Downloading the fully functioning 30-day trial version of BBEdit is fairly simple. notes BBEdit runs on Mac OS or later but Mac OS or later is recommended. If you are using Mac OS X version or later is required although version or later is recommended. BBEdit requires CarbonLib or higher on your system. If you need to download it get the most-recent versions of CarbonLib at http .com artnum 120047. 1. Go to see Figure 136-1 and click on the Products link and select BBEdit. Figure 136-1 The Bare Bones Software home page 2. On the main BBEdit page look for the vertical list of links on the right side of the screen and click on Demo. 3. In the Please Sign Up form enter the information they request and click the Register button see Figure 136-2 . 4. Click the Demo Package download link to begin downloading the installation file and choose a location on your system to save it see Figure 136-3 . 5. With the executable installation file downloaded double-click the file to unpack the installer. Double-click the installer to install BBEdit on your system. Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. Working with BBEdit 297 Figure 136-2 Registering for BBEdit Figure 136-3 Selecting the download option you prefer Task 3 tips To download the user manual click the Technical Support link in the vertical list and then scroll down to the Resources section on the next page. Here you find a link to the user manual in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view it which you can download for free at .com products acrobat . If you re interested in purchasing BBEdit go to store . cross-reference If you re a

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