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HTML in 10 Steps or Less- P16:Welcome to HTML in 10 Simple Steps or Less. Our mission in writing this book is to provide a quick and accessible way for you to learn Hypertext Markup Language — the lingua franca of the World Wide Web. We hope this book provides a resource that beginning and intermediate HTML coders can use to improve their Web development skills. It is also our hope that it fills multiple roles as both a teaching tool and a reference once you expand your skills. | 276 Part 12 Task Creating Workspaces notes Only one file defines a TextPad workspace. It remembers the state of all files you open no matter where they reside on your hard drive. These workspace files have the extension tws If you have a different workspace currently open it is saved automatically and is closed before the new workspace opens When you re developing a Web site you typically create a directory folder somewhere on your hard drive that contains all your Web site s files. This folder mimics the root folder of your Web server. In TextPad you can save any series of files you re currently working on as a workspace. You could have 5 10 or 20 documents open that represent an entire Web site save them all in a TextPad workspace and then later open all these related files simultaneously using a single menu command. This saves you the hassle of continually using the File menu to open files. You ll see all open documents either in the Document Selector or in the Document Tabs. 1. To create a workspace open all the files you want the workspace to contain. 2. Choose File Workspace Save As from the menu. This opens the Save As dialog box see Figure 127-1 with the workspace name initialized to the current folder. Figure 127-1 The Save As dialog box with the workspace filename set to that of the current working folder 3. If necessary browse to where you want to save the workspace file or change the filename then click Save to save the file and close the dialog box. 4. To add or remove files from the workspace simply open or close files while in the workspace and choose File Workspace Save or Save As . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. TextPad 277 5. To open a saved workspace choose File Workspace Open. This displays a File Open dialog box from which you can locate the .tws file and click the Open button. The Workspace submenu also displays recently opened workspace files which you can open immediately see Figure 127-2 . Task