TAILIEUCHUNG - HTML in 10 Steps or Less- P6

HTML in 10 Steps or Less- P6:Welcome to HTML in 10 Simple Steps or Less. Our mission in writing this book is to provide a quick and accessible way for you to learn Hypertext Markup Language — the lingua franca of the World Wide Web. We hope this book provides a resource that beginning and intermediate HTML coders can use to improve their Web development skills. It is also our hope that it fills multiple roles as both a teaching tool and a reference once you expand your skills. | 76 Part 4 Task 35 notes There are a number of different audio file types some of which are proprietary and require specific .wav format is Microsoft s proprietary file type and the .ra format is RealAudio s proprietary format which requires RealPlayer . Only the .mid and .mp3 formats are nonproprietary you can play them in numerous media players. The control panel s physical appearance varies depending on the plug-in browser and operating system. Embedding Audio Files Browsers can t play audio files without help from other applications. Enter the plug-in a piece of software that runs within the browser to expand its functionality. Plug-ins are a Netscape creation but when you have the Netscape browser installed Microsoft Internet Explorer makes use of them as well. As of this writing the Apple QuickTime plug-in comes installed with Netscape Navigator so both Netscape and Internet Explorer if installed make use of it when playing embedded sound files. 1. In the body of your document enter an embed tag. 2. Define a src attribute and set it equal to the location of the sound file on the Web server. For example embed src 3. Define width and height attributes to display a control panel in the browser window. For example embed src width 100 height 15 This creates a control panel 100 pixels wide by 15 pixels high as shown in Figure 35-1. I Figure 35-1 A QuickTime audio control panel 4. To prevent the sound file from playing the very moment the page loads define an autostart attribute and set it equal to false embed src width 100 height 15 autostart false 5. To float the control panel amongst text similarly to an image define an align attribute left floats the control panel to the left margin and wraps text around it to the right. right floats the control panel to the right margin and wraps text around it to the left. Listing 35-1 shows two embedded sound files one aligned left and one aligned right. Figure 35-2 .