TAILIEUCHUNG - Bài tập tình huống thanh toán quốc tế

Tài liệu tham khảo ôn tập môn thanh toán quốc tế với những bài tập tình huống giúp các bạn sinh viên mở rộng kiến thức môn học hơn. | FOREIGN TRADE PRACTISING *INTRODUCE: (For example) - Name of company: DANANG SONG HAN COMMERCIAL SERVICE CORPORATION. - Called: SOHACOMSERCO (SOHA). - Add: 45A/62 Dung Si Thanh khe St ; Thanh khe Dist.; Danang City, Vietnam. - Tel: 05113757000 Fax: 05113756000 Email: das06da@ - Acc: 404-5659 at: VIETCOMBANK DANANG. - Represented by Mr. NGUYEN VAN A/DIRECTOR. *SITUATION No. I. To do business for the end of the year, Mr. A went to the Japan Trade exhibition. Where he met and discussed with more foreign companies. When he returned his company, he got more business letters from the other foreign companies. He send these letters to the Import-Export department. (Enclosed) SUGGESTION: 1. Pls read and translate into Vietnamese. 2. Explain about the detail of that business letters. After discussed with Mr. D ( Chief of Im - Ex dept) and Mr. C (General business Dept) , He decides to do business with one of upon companies. 3. On the basic of present information Mr. A suggests Im - Ex Dept to draw up a General offer and fax to them. ( Student must do this). 4. 20/10/200 SOHA received 02 letters (teacher supply) exercise NT2- foreign trade practicing 2010* NICHIMENT CORPORATION Add: TOKYO, JAPAN. Tel: Fax: Email: To: SOHACOMSERCO DANANG. Ref No. 01/NI-SO/10 Tokyo, Dear sir, Through the Japan Trade Exhibition at Tokyo in Japan on August 200ago We would like to know that you are a big corporation in Danang city, Vietnam and many thanks about your visiting to our company. We are an honor to introduce our company to you that we-NICHIMENT CORPORATION have to do business in a long time in Vietnam. At present, We have many represented at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Danang city and set up more profits as same as successful from our clients. We are interesting in more your commodities, it is sea products that you said that famous in the world market. Various style leather shoes; hand bag; Traveling bag; Wood; Rice; Groudnut kenel; ect We would like to know more the information about your company and suggest that one of our representative should visit to your company in nearest time to do more business and hope that you agree. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Your faithfully, ./Director. EXOTIC PTE LTD Add: , SINGAPORE. Tel: Fax: Email: To: SOHACOMSERCO DANANG. Ref No. 01/EX-SO/09 Singapore, Dear sirs, We appreciate to know your company through The Singapore Commerce and Industry Chamber at International Trade Fair and Exhibition in Japan ago. We are corporation that sells general commodities, especially are various style machinery used for producing and family and now our company is expanding rapidly. We would like to know more than details about your company to do business and co-operation and looking for a new investment project. We are looking forward to your prompt and favorable reply. Your faithfully, LY SONG/ General Director. DANANG SONG HAN COMMERCIAL SERVICE CORPORATION. SOHACOMSERCO. 45A/62 Dung si Thanh Khe St; Thanh Khe Dist.; Danang City, Vietnam. Tel: 05113757000; Fax: 05113756000;Email: das06da@ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear sirs, . Yours truly, Nguyen Van A/General Director.