TAILIEUCHUNG - Writing an effective business - plan

Business planning is not just about producing a report. The work of writing, of thinking things through is as important as the final document. It's a tool for understanding how your business is put together. The process will help you learn how to manage your own company more effectively while you become an expert in your industry and business. | WRITING AN EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PLAN the entrepreneurship centre WRITING AN EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PLAN 110 Laurier Ave. W. Ground Floor Ottawa ON K1P1J1 Tel 613 560-6081 Fax 613 560-2102 1 WRITING AN EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PLAN Acknowledgements The Entrepreneurship Centre and OCRI gratefully acknowledge the support and funding provided for this workbook by our sponsors 580 CFRA and the Ottawa Citizen. OTTAWA CITIZEN Copyright No PART OF THIS WORKBOOK EXCEPT THOSE PARTS EXPRESSLY DESIGNED TO BE COPIED FOR INDIVIDUAL USE MAY BE PHOTOCOPIED OR DISTRIBUTED EXCEPT WITH PRIORWRITTEN CONSENT OF THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTRE. Ottawa Canada 2000 W riting Keira Torkko Senior Business Advisor The Entrepreneurship Centre Ottawa Canada Graphic Design Lynne D. Browne Action by Design Ottawa Canada 2 Table of Contents Page Introduction. 4 Business Plan Research. 6 Business Plan Outline. 7 Executive Summary. 8 Draft Executive Summary. 9 Company Profile. 10 Draft CompanyProfile. 11 Industry Overview. 12 Draft IndustryOverview. 13 Service or Product. 14 Draft Service or Product. 15 Target Market. 16 Draft Target Market. 17 Competitive Analysis. 18 Draft Competitive Analysis. 19 The Marketing Mix. 20 Promotional Strategy. 20 Draft PromotionalStrategy. 21 Place. 22 Draft Place. 23 Pricing. 24 Draft Pricing. 25 Operations Suppliers. 26 Draft Operations Suppliers. 27 Operating Regulations. 28 Draft OperatingRegulations. 29 Manufacturing Plan. 30 Draft Manufacturing Plan. 31 Human Resources. 32 Draft Human Resources. 33 Financial Statements Balance Sheet and Income Statement. 34 Draft Balance Sheet and Income Statement. 35 Cash Flow Statement. 36 Draft CashFlowStatement. ll Conclusion. .