TAILIEUCHUNG - Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P37

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P37:Your Exchange Server 2003 deployment plan should reflect your understanding of how Exchange and Microsoft Windows Server™ operating systems interoperate. It should encompass the relationships between Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server sites and domains, domain controllers, global catalog servers, and Exchange 2003 administrative and routing groups. | 361 Upgrading an Exchange 2000 Server Cluster to Exchange Server 2003 Upgrading an Exchange 2000 Server cluster to Exchange Server 2003 requires that you upgrade each of the cluster nodes and all Exchange Virtual Servers to Exchange Server 2003. For detailed steps see How to Upgrade an Exchange 2000 Cluster to Exchange Server 2003. Note Before upgrading your Exchange 2000 cluster to Exchange Server 2003 you should familiarize yourself with the requirements necessary for upgrading a cluster node Table 5 and upgrading an Exchange Virtual Server Table 6 . 362 Table 5 Requirements for upgrading a cluster node Area Requirements Permissions Account must be a member of a group that has the Exchange Full Administrator role applied at the administrative group level. Cluster resources No cluster resources can be running on the node you are upgrading because Exchange Setup will need to recycle the Cluster service. One-node clusters are exempt. The MSDTC resource must be running on one of the nodes in the cluster. 363 Area Requirements Other Only servers running Exchange 2000 SP3 can be upgraded to Exchange Server 2003. If your servers are running previous versions of Exchange you must first upgrade to Exchange 2000 SP3. You must upgrade your cluster nodes one at a time. The Cluster service must be initialized and running. If there are more than two nodes the cluster must be active passive. If there are two nodes or fewer active active is .

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