TAILIEUCHUNG - các động từ

Edited by Foxit Reader Copyright(C) by Foxit Software Company,2005-2006 For Evaluation Only. | Edited by Foxit Reader Copyright C by Foxit Software Company 2005-2006 For Evaluation Only. THE ULTIMAtEPhRASAL VERB BOOK TO THE TO THE 1. FOCUS ON separable and nonseparable phrasal come figure give look put run show take 7. FOCUS ON separable phrasal verbs with long cut hold let point run see take 8. FOCUS ON present perfect phrasal burn fall fight hear pick tear work 2. FOCUS ON phrasal verbs and do does and did. 16 come doze fall give hear pull stay throw 3. FOCUS ON three-word phrasal feel up get over go along go in look forward put up screw out talk down 4. FOCUS ON present and past continuous phrasal verbs. 27 cheat go look pay plan point put wrap 5. FOCUS ON pronunciation of two-word phrasal verbs. 33 break burn call find hand look 6. FOCUS ON pronunciation of three-word phrasal verbs. 41 boil down come down come up get around get out go back go through monkey around 9. FOCUS ON two-word phrasal verbs that require an additional particle when used with an object 1 .63 break catch chicken get give hang hook work 10. FOCUS ON phrasal verbs used as nouns fall kick lay screw 11. FOCUS ON phrasal verbs used in compound nouns . 80 cut drop follow take try wake work 12. FOCUS ON past perfect phrasal verbs . 93 back come come fall put 13. FOCUS ON passive phrasal verbs 1 . 100 call dose .