TAILIEUCHUNG - Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction Mk III

Tham khảo tài liệu 'advanced paper aircraft construction mk iii', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, khéo tay hay làm phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | CAMPBELL MORRIS Advanced Paper Aircraft Mkm 12 high performance modelsand they fly CAMPBELL MORRIS Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction Mk INTRODUCTION 2 THECORRECT PAPER TO USE 2 EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS 2 FOLDING TECHNIQUES 3 BASIC FLIGHT THEORY 4 THE ART OF THROWING 4 ADVANCED CONCEPTS IN PAPER PLANE DESIGN 6 TROUBLE- SHOOTING 7 Simple Distance Glider 8 Folded correctly this dart-like plane will out-fly any normal glider. Incredibly Simple Glider 10 You can whip up one of these in no time to throw at your nearest politician lawyer accountant or anyone you happen to dislike at the time. Deluxe Glider 12 A smooth elegant glider that loves breezes upward draughts and long leisurely flights. Winged Wonder 14 This one will really get your head spinning as you try to figure out where it s going to land. Superior Stunt Performer 16 An amazing craft for aerial stunts. It just keeps coming backl Distance Achiever 18 You can annoy people from a distance with this one. Smooth Flier 20 A simple glider to make and it flies incredibly well even the teacher will be impressed High Performance Dual Glider 22 Two planes in one Not-so-simple Glider A bit fiddly to make but the results make it all worthwhile. Windcheater 26 This craft will fly straight through not just moderate winds but through any kind of pollution. Litewing 28 Lightweight and long-flying this is truly a dart of the eighties. Ace Flier 30 It is a paper airplane in every sense with its lookalike wing and tail section all made from a single sheet of paper The Hangar 32 For the paper plane enthusiast who has everything. ANGUS .ROBERTSON PUBLISHERS Introduction Welcome to the world of high performance paper aircraft. This book represents the pinnacle of paper airmanship. Gone are the days of pure aerial fun from the back of the classroom. Now you can create sophisticated paper machines designs that go beyond fun and games to the world of theory and ingenuity designs that challenge even the most fundamental laws of .