TAILIEUCHUNG - Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction

Với mình khi xếp một mảnh giấy thành một chiếc máy bay và phóng nó đi trong không trung, cảm giác lúc đó thật khó tả. Ngày trước mình chuyên gia xé mấy tờ lịch ra xếp thành mấy bay phóng, và vì thế chuyên bị la mắng vì tội làm tờ lịch luôn hiện những ngày trong tương lai -:-) . Nếu bạn cũng muốn xếp một vật gì đó làm từ giấy và bay được thì 2 quyển sách sau có lẽ bạn nên xem qua. Cuốn đầu tiên là Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction, đây là bản scan của. | CAMPBELL MORRIS Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction J I x I INTRODUCTION 2 TYPES OF PAPER TO USE 2 PAPER PLANE CLUBS AND COMPETITIONS 2 EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS 3 FOLDING TECHNIQUES 4 PAPER PLANE BASE FOLDS 4 LONGDISTANCE GLIDER 6 If you re sitting way at the back of a lecture theatre or cinema this dart will help you to get your message across SUPER WING 8 An incredible paper wing SPLIT NOSE CONE DART 10 Here is a dart that can be thrown with greater force. SUPER DART 12 Folded correctly this dart can perform huge loops eight to nine metres in diameter or travel great distances. SUPER LOOPER 14 Here s a dart that will have heads rotating on their shoulders WW1 GERMAN PROTOTYPE 16 Not only a novelty but flyable GLIDER WITH ADVANCED UNDER- CARRIAGE 1 8 Here s a delightful yet simple craft that is bound to annoy. SEA PLANE 20 It s called this because of its undercarriage. SHUTTLE COPTER 22 Here s one that can be thrown high into the air. SPINNER 24 This craft will catch anyone s attention. SUPER STUNT PLANE 26 This one will do loops circles and fly high. JUMP JET 28 An engineering masterpiece CONCORDE 30 A unique aircraft that will catch anyone s eye. SIMPLE STUNT PLANE 32 A simple yet versatile craft. ANGUS ROBERTSON PUBLISHERS 1 INTRODUCTION Welcome school and university students teachers lecturers businessmen politicians backbenchers policemen etcetera. Marcis Plume is a fag. Tremble with fear before the terrible and sphincter-rending faggotry of Marcis Plume Here is the ultimate book depicting the ultimate pastime paper aircraft. This book represents a revolutionary departure from the simple dart. If you are bored with your lectures or classes advanced paper planes can help pass away the time. Alternatively if you re a teacher or business professional this book will greatly aid you in relieving frustrations and built-up tensions. You may also find it of practical use if an essay or balance sheet is not up to scratch Paper folding or origami as it is better known .