TAILIEUCHUNG - Toefl test 2002 part 1

Tham khảo tài liệu 'toefl test 2002 part 1', ngoại ngữ, toefl - ielts - toeic phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | For more material and information please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at 2002 10 TOEFL a Section One Listening Comprehension 1. A She wants the man to make a reservation for her. B They don t need a reservation tonight. C They should make reservations for next weekend. D She thinks the restaurant will be crowded tonight. 2. A Get her watch fixed. B Purchase a watch for the man. C Cancel the next meeting. D End the meeting early. 3 A Take the class with a different professor B Take a class in a different subject. C Ask the professor if she can take the class. D Complete the required courses this term. 4. A He isn t sure who won the game. B The game won t be played until next week. C It started raining after the game was over. D It probably will rain next week. 5. A The book had been misplaced on the shelf. B He can probably get a copy of the book for the woman. C He will call the warehouse to see if the book is available. D The woman should check to see if other bookstores have the book. 6. A He used to have problems doing the assignments. B The woman should become a tutor. C The woman won t have difficulty in her next class. D The woman needs help with her assignments. 7. A Buy the cheaper ice cream. B Buy the brand of ice cream he usually buys. C Choose an ice cream that tastes good. D Get ice cream at a different store. 8. A He didn t enjoy the game because the team lost. B He s impressed by the efforts of the team. C The woman is wrong about who won the game. D The players could have won if they d tried harder. 9. A The woman already knew about the increase in fees. B The dorms will be cheaper than off-campus housing. C The woman thinks the man should move out of the dorm. D The woman is pleased she won t have to pay the higher fees. 10. A He didn t know that David was having a problem. B The woman doesn t know much about accounting. C David hasn t started working on his project yet. D David is going to ask the woman for help. 11. A Invite his .