TAILIEUCHUNG - Character Animation with Direct3D- P16

Character Animation with Direct3D- P16:This book is primarily aimed at teaching indie and hobby game developers how to create character animation with Direct3D. Also, the seasoned professional game developer may find some interesting things in this book. You will need a solid understanding of the C++ programming language as well as general object-oriented programming skills. | 286 Character Animation with Direct3D Calculating the binormal and setting the tangent binormal and normal matrix float3x3 TBNMatrix float3x3 tangent binormal normal Setting the lightVector mul TBNMatrix lightDir mul TBNMatrix vHalf return OUT Pixel Shader float4 morphNormalMapPS VS_OUTPUT IN COLORO Calculate the color and the normal float4 color tex2D DiffuseSampler This is how you uncompress a normal map float3 normal tex2D NormalSampler .rgb - Get specular float4 specularColor tex2D SpecularSampler Set the output color float diffuse max saturate dot normal normalize float specular max saturate dot normal normalize specular pow specular return color diffuse specularColor specular lease purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. Chapter 12 Wrinkle Maps 287 Figure shows another screenshot of the Soldier s face using somewhat exaggerated highlights. Note that this isn t the kind of result you d actually want for skin. The examples and images in this chapter are a bit exaggerated to emphasize the effect of the specular highlights. sase purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. 288 Character Animation with Direct3D FIGURE Exaggerated highlights. Wrinkle Maps You ve now arrived at the goal of this chapter the wrinkle maps. These maps are basically an animated or weighted normal map that is connected to the movement of the face. For example smiling may reveal the dimples in the cheeks of the characters. These small deformations occur as a result of the underlying muscles in the face moving. Another example of this phenomenon is wrinkles that appear or disappear on the forehead as a person raises or lowers his or her eyebrows. lease purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this .