TAILIEUCHUNG - Đề thi toefl năm 1995 phần 2

Toefl là một kỳ thi quan trọng và rất khó đối với chúng ta. Kỳ thi này đòi hỏi chúng ta phải có một nền tảng kiến thức vững chắc. Đây là một kỳ thi mang tính chất quốc tế và đề thi rất khó để làm. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp cho các bạn rèn luyện thêm kỹ năng cho kỳ thi toefl. | For more material and information please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at 5-10 95 10 TOFEL Page21 A 1. A He s unable to start typing. B He can t give the woman his typewriter. C He s run out of paper. D He doesn t lave any money. 2. A Susan ate the last piece of pie. B He thought the pie was delicious. C He went out to buy a pie. D He gave Susan a piece of pie. 3. A He hopes to leave before the woman does. B His office is one hour away from his home. C He s certain the lock works. D He will leave the office in about an hour. 4. A She s not a good skier. B She went skiing on Thursday. C She won t be able to go skiing. D She really gets thirsty skiing. 5. A She ll pay him 75 cents to carry the packages. B He should stop blocking the doorway. C It s not too far for her to carry the packages. D She appreciates his carrying the packages. 6. A He probably calls his brothers frequently. B He should call his brothers more often. C He does a lot of traveling. D He s saving money to visit his brothers. 7. A The battery is not correctly positioned. B She doesn t know how the calculator works. C The calculator needs a new battery. D The man should enter the numbers in a different order. 8. A They can get a guidebook in Montreal. B It might not be necessary to buy a guidebook. C He doesn t mind the cost of a guidebook. D It s no use trying to study on a trip. 9. A Being hungry. B Having a big lunch. C The weather. D Cooking. 10. A Tom s apartment probably costs more than the man s. B The man s place is becoming more expensive. C Her apartment is better than the man s. D She wants to see Tom s new apartment. 11. A She doesn t like to wire letters. B She is happy to be here with her friends For more material and information please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at C She likes to mail her letters herself. D She s written a lot of letters recently. 12. A She teaches high school. B She wants more ice in her glass. C She never misses class. D She thinks cold