TAILIEUCHUNG - Character Animation with Direct3D- P6

Character Animation with Direct3D- P6:This book is primarily aimed at teaching indie and hobby game developers how to create character animation with Direct3D. Also, the seasoned professional game developer may find some interesting things in this book. You will need a solid understanding of the C++ programming language as well as general object-oriented programming skills. | 86 Character Animation with Direct3D Track structure Blending animations Compressing animation sets Animation callbacks Motion capture The Track Structure Before fading animations in out blending animations together and more one thing needs to be covered the tracks in an animation controller. This was briefly touched on in the previous chapter but I didn t really go in to any details. You may remember that the number of tracks was specified when creating a new animation controller using the D3DXCreateAnimationController function. A track was also used to activate a certain animation for the character using the animation controller s SetTrackAnimationSet function. As mentioned an animation controller can contain several tracks. See Table for a list of properties that you can manipulate for each track. TABLE ANIMATION TRACK PROPERTIES The Position Weight and Speed properties are all quite easy to understand. The priority of a track can be set to either D3DXPRIORITY_low or D3DXPRIORITY_high. High-priority tracks are blended together first before adding the low-priority tracks. This could also be used to turn off low-priority tracks when a character is far away from the player camera. lease purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. Chapter 5 Advanced Skeletal Animation Techniques 87 To better illustrate the way you use tracks to blend animations consider the following example. Figure shows three animation sets each containing a separate animation with details as shown. ANIMATION SET 1 Name Walk Period sec Playback Looping ANIMATION SET 2 Name Run Period sec Playback Looping ANIMATION SET 3 Name Sneeze Period sec Playback Play Once FIGURE Three example animation sets. Figure shows the Walk Run and Sneeze animations. Both the Walk and the Run animations are looping animations meaning that they will go on forever whereas the Sneeze animation happens only once and then stops. Figure shows how it would look if