TAILIEUCHUNG - Mahua (Madhuca indica) (Koenig) J.F. Macribide) a nature, reward to tribal ecosystem of Central India

The mahua tree is a nature reward to tribal's communities in India. The country has land of diverse group of tribes they still depend on the forest and its products for survival and subsistence of life. Among these forest products one of Madhuca indica which produce wide variety of products. The products obtained from tree are consumed by these communities itself or sale in local and regional market. Tree having great spiritual, cultural, medicinal, ornamental and multiple utility. It has been naturalized in different parts of Karnataka, Orissa, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh including various regions of India. There are many products namely; flower, seed, oil cake, leaf, timber etc. are obtained from mahua tree. The fermentation waste can also be used as bio fertilizer which is eco-friendly and cheap in comparison to the expensive fertilizers. Current study was undertaken to explore the socio-economic, cultural and livelihood of tribes in relation to wonder tree of M. indica and highlight and record in detail the uses of mahua tree growing in around AABR by tribal groups of central India. | Mahua Madhuca indica Koenig . Macribide a nature reward to tribal ecosystem of Central India

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