TAILIEUCHUNG - A study on economics of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir, India

The Jammu and Kashmir has a varied type of climate from sub-tropical to cold arid. The main crops grown in the state are rice, maize, wheat, pulses, oil seeds, saffron etc. The cultivation of Saffron is mostly confined to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In Kashmir saffron cultivation is peculiar and the legend about its introduction in to Kashmir shows that it is an ancient industry about 2200 years’ old. It is the legendry crop of the welldrained plateau of Pampore. The present study is an attempt to analyse the cost, return and marketing of Saffron in Jammu and Kashmir. The study has been conducted in one of the 22 districts of the state namely Pulwama because the district leads in the area and production of saffron cultivation. For collection of data three villages of tehsil Pampore were selected. The farmers were classified into three strata viz., small farms (20 kanals), medium farms (20-40 kanals) and large farms (above 40 kanals) of land. The study highlights that the resource utilisation patter of the farmers indicate that 48 per cent farmers belong to small size strata and 36 per cent of the saffron growers belong to medium size strata and only 16 per cent farmers belong to the large size strata. The overall average value of fixed assets per hectare worked out to Rs. . The ratio for the possession of fixed assets of small, medium and large categories is 1:. The value of fixed assets per hectare increases with the increase in size of farm. The study reveals that the area and production of Jammu and Kashmir state in last 11 years shows an increasing trend but by a little margin and has increased only by 42 hectares from 4000 ha in 1989-90 to 4042 ha in 1999-2000. | A study on economics of saffron Crocus sativus L. cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir India

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