TAILIEUCHUNG - Screening of flavonoids in selected high valued medicinal plants (HVM) of Tirumala, India

Flavonoids are the potent therapeutical biochemicals which occur in almost all plant taxa at variable amounts. In this present article based on the ethnobotanical claims and literature survey we have investigated the presence and quantified the important flavonoids in selected taxa inhabitating Tirumala hills. Paper chromatography technique were used for the detection and the flavonoids like rutin, myricetin, quercetin, kaempferol, luteolin, apigenin, orientin and vitexin were detected with the help of Rf values and colour reactions with chromogenic spray reagents in different propositions. A total of 20 high valued medicinal plants (HVM) reported in the present study has wide number of flavonoids and are greatly used by the various ethenic and folklore communities for curing numerous diseases or ailments. | Screening of flavonoids in selected high valued medicinal plants HVM of Tirumala India

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