TAILIEUCHUNG - Antioxidant activity and nutritional value of roselle seeds flour

The outcomes for preliminary investigation on Roselle seed flour revealed appreciable proximate and mineral compositions suggesting a strong positive correlation between protein and inorganic mineral contents. This shows that Roselle seed is a dense mineral source and confirmed that Roselle seed is a rich source of nutrients. The outcomes for calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) corroborate the findings reported by previous scientists. The study of anti-nutritional factor showed the simple process of soaking and germination could have a significant effect in the reduction of phytate and polyphenols concentration in the seed, as this constituents could forms complexes with protein and minerals reducing the biological value of the seed. Studies of free radical scavenging activity on Roselle seed flour pre-treatments showed that the sprouted treatments had shown an appreciable boost in radical activity verifying an improved hydrogen donating ability compared to the un-sprouted treatments as control. | Antioxidant activity and nutritional value of roselle seeds flour

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