TAILIEUCHUNG - Recent advances in breeding for abiotic stress (Drought) tolerance in maize

Globally maize is the third most important crop in the world. The main maize crop is generally grown as rainfed and on marginal lands particularly in hilly terrains of the Kashmir valley. It is situated at longitude and latitude of and respectively. By 2050 demand for maize will double in the developing world, and maize is predicted to become the crop with the greatest production globally, and in the developing world by 2025 (Rosegrant et al., 2008). Heisey and Edmeades (1999) estimated that one quarter of the global maize area is affected by drought in any given year. Since farmers usually plant a single variety in any given field, this implies a need for a good level of drought tolerance in the large majority of hybrids and varieties grown under rainfed conditions. | Recent advances in breeding for abiotic stress Drought tolerance in maize

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