TAILIEUCHUNG - Supplementing rural livelihoods through backyard poultry farming

Backyard poultry has recognized as an effective tool for poverty alleviation in the rural areas. However, the level of monthly income from backyard poultry is low still it is an important source of supplementing earnings. It provides eggs and meat for family consumption and, to some extent, cash income thereby, enhances rural livelihoods. In order to stimulate economic growth of resource poor household in rural areas of Bundi district, Rajasthan, low input technology backyard poultry farming was introduced by Krishi Vigyan Kendra for supplementing earnings of resource poor farmers and landless labourers. Poultry birds of breed Pratapdhan were provided to farmers. The performance of birds reared under backyard production system was quite satisfactory. The backyard poultry farming generated subsistence income and provided valuable foods that improved household nutrition. | Supplementing rural livelihoods through backyard poultry farming

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