TAILIEUCHUNG - Windows Server 2003 Audit Program for Member Servers

Tài liệu này dùng cho các nhân viên kiểm toán, quản trị hệ thống,. để kiêm tra hệ thống Server trong Công ty. | Windows Server 2003 Audit Program for Member Servers Not to be used for Domain Controllers. See Active Directory Audit Program at Internal Use License Agreement for Windows Server 2003 Audit Program for Member Servers This audit program contains Intellectual Property and is licensed copyrighted material owned by Monterey Technology Group Inc the publisher of this web site. This audit work program is intended for employees of Internal Audit departments. As such you are allowed to use this audit program during the course your own work and you may copy the findings risk and recommendations from the Member Server Control Tests into your own audit work papers and edit as necessary. Employees of Information Technology departments may use this document in a similar manner in preparation for an audit or as a self-assesment tool. Prohibited uses Use by a consultant subcontractor in providing services to another company or in developing products or services Use by an associate or partner of a public accounting firm Distributing this audit program to colleagues. Each individual must request a personal copy Posting on a website Incorporating into a larger work except as provided above Training Organization-wide licensing is available. Contact us for more information. Monterey Technology Group Inc. 179 Dunbar St Suite E Spartanburg SC 29306 866 749-2048 info@ Table of Contents Member Server Evidence Member Server Control Control Framework 2002-2007 Monterey Technology Group Inc. Windows Server 2003 Audit Program for Member Servers Page 2 of 40 Monterey Technology Group Inc. Active Directory and Windows Server Audit Specialists Training Consulting Practice Aids Member Server Evidence Collection All evidence on this worksheet is member server specific . the evidence can potentially be different on each member server. .