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Dưới đây là danh sách các số liệu thống kê mà bạn có thể thu thập:. BuffersReceived-Trả về số gói TDS nhận được. . BuffersSent-Trả về số TDS gửi gói tin. . BytesReceived-Trả về số byte nhận được. . BytesSent-Trả về số byte gửi đi. . ConnectionTime-Trả về tổng số thời gian mà kết nối đã được mở ra. . CursorsOpen-Trả về số con trỏ mở. | 854 CHAPTER 19 Building Data Access Components with Here s a list of the statistics that you can gather BuffersReceived Returns the number of TDS packets received. BuffersSent Returns the number of TDS packets sent. BytesReceived Returns the number of bytes received. BytesSent Returns the number of bytes sent. ConnectionTime Returns the total amount of time that the connection has been opened. CursorsOpen Returns the number of cursors opened. ExecutionTime Returns the connection execution time in milliseconds. IduCount Returns the number of INSERT DELETE and UPDATE commands executed. IduRows Returns the number of rows modified by INSERT DELETE and UPDATE commands. NetworkServerTime Returns the amount of time spent waiting for a reply from the database server. PreparedExecs Returns the number of prepared commands executed. Prepares Returns the number of statements prepared. SelectCount Returns the number of SELECT commands executed. SelectRows Returns the number of rows selected. ServerRoundtrips Returns the number of commands sent to the database that received a reply. SumResultSets Returns the number of resultsets retrieved. Transactions Returns the number of user transactions created. UnpreparedExecs Returns the number of unprepared commands executed. The page in Listing displays the values of all these statistics in a GridView control see Figure . From the Library of Wow eBook Connected Data Access 855 FIGURE Displaying all provider statistics. LISTING @ Page Language C @ Import Namespace @ Import Namespace DOCTYPE html PUBLIC - W3C DTD XHTML Transitional EN http TR xhtml1 DTD script runat server void Page_Load string connectionstring Movies .ConnectionString SqlConnection con new SqlConnection connectionString SqlCommand cmd new SqlCommand WAITFOR DELAY 0 0 03 SELECT Title Director .