TAILIEUCHUNG - PCR based molecular diagnostic assays for Brucellosis: A review

Brucellosis is a worldwide re-emerging zoonotic disease of public health and economic importance. It affects a large number of domestic as well as wild animals and results in heavy losses to the animal husbandry sector. The direct culture of bacteria and serological test are the gold standard for Brucella spp. identification in the clinical samples. However, these assays have various limitations therefore PCR can be a potential tool to address aforesaid limitations and can be used for early detection of causative agents in disease condition. In this review, we have tried to discuss most of the currently used PCR based methods for detection of Brucella at genus and species level in different biological samples. Now a day, these assays are becoming very important tools for the identification of Brucella at genus, species and biovar level. | PCR based molecular diagnostic assays for Brucellosis: A review

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