TAILIEUCHUNG - Effect of Trichoderma spp. in plant growth promotion in chilli

Trichoderma species are commonly used as biological control agents against phytopathogenic fungi and some isolates are able to improve plant growth. In this study, the effects of seven Trichoderma isolates from Madhya Pradesh was examined in chilli for enhancing seedling and plant vigor via two way introduction methods (inoculating seed with Trichoderma as seed treatment and also seed treatment with three foliar sprays). Different isolates of Trichoderma spp. significantly influenced the root length, shoot length and number of leaves of chilli at seedling stage. The maximum root length and shoot length of cm cm respectively was recorded in seed treatment with Trichoderma isolate T2. Similarly, the same isolate T2 depicted maximum number of leaves ( per plant). Further, enhanced plant growth promotion activity was shown by isolates of Trichoderma when applied as seed treatment coupled with three foliar sprays. It was observed that maximum root length ( cm), shoot length ( cm), number of branches () was depicted in seed treatment coupled with its three foliar sprays of T2 isolate of Trichoderma. This was followed by T5 isolate of Trichoderma. Similarly, maximum fresh and dry weight (biomass) was recorded in T2 isolate of Trichoderma. Application of different isolates of not only significantly contributed to foliage of the chilli plant but they also enhanced the yield component of chilli. The maximum yield of q/ha was recorded in treatment T2 where Trichoderma isolate T2 was applied as seed treatment along with its three foliar sprays. | Effect of Trichoderma spp. in plant growth promotion in chilli

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