TAILIEUCHUNG - Fabric enrichment techniques: A source of income generation for rural women

Rural women play a crucial role for the well being of their families. Without any glare of publicity, they contribute their best to the welfare and progress of the society. Entrepreneurship-development and income-generating activities are feasible solution for empowering the women. Most of the rural women indulge in stitching activities but due to lack of knowledge, in the technical know-how and latest designing techniques, they are unable to earn the remunerative income. Therefore, keeping in view these factors, sixty scheduled cast women, who had knowledge of garment construction, were selected to impart trainings on various fabric enrichment techniques viz. neck and collar designing; fabric painting; embroidery; tie and dye techniques; cushion and bag-making etc. One sewing machine (Usha Allure) along with accessories was given to all these women so that they can start their small entrepreneur for their economic upliftment. Regular monitoring was done to cover-up their felt problems in using the latest techniques. The adoption level was assessed on the basis of expressed opinion by the beneficiaries. Improvement in quality life was measured with the help of various parameters in the light of various activities like demonstrations, trainings, exhibitions, group discussions etc. The maximum impact was found in increase in knowledge and skill up gradation followed by increase in confidence and domestic savings. The economic analysis of the successful women among the trainees was also worked out and the most liked activities were found to be cushion making followed by tie and dye, bag-making. The maximum utilization of this machine was found for pikoo, inter-locking and pouncha-designing. | Fabric enrichment techniques: A source of income generation for rural women

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