Wives and Daughters ELIZABETH GASKELL CHAPTER 53-p2 Đây là một tác phẩm anh ngữ nổi tiếng với những từ vựng nâng cao chuyên ngành văn chương. Nhằm giúp các bạn yêu thich tiếng anh luyện tập và củng cố thêm kỹ năng đọc tiếng anh . | Wives and Daughters ELIZABETH GASKELL CHAPTER 53-p2 Hamley Hall said the innkeeper. Eh there s a deal of trouble there just now. I know I know said she hastening off after the wheelbarrow in which her trunk was going and breathlessly struggling to keep up with it her heavy child asleep in her arms. Her pulses beat all over her body she could hardly see out of her eyes. To her a foreigner the drawn blinds of the house when she came in sight of it had no significance she hurried stumbled on. Back door or front missus asked the boots from the inn. The most nearest said she. And the front door was the most nearest. Molly was sitting with the squire in the darkened drawing-room reading out her translations of Aimee s letters to her husband. The squire was never weary of hearing them the very sound of Molly s voice soothed and comforted him it was so sweet and low. And he pulled her up much as a child does if on a second reading of the same letter she substituted one word for another. The house was very still this afternoon still as it had been now for several days every servant in it however needless moving about on tiptoe speaking below the breath and shutting doors as softly as might be The nearest noise or stir of active life was that of the rooks in the trees who were beginning their spring chatter of business. Suddenly through this quiet there came a ring at the frontdoor bell that sounded and went on sounding through the house pulled by an ignorant vigorous hand. Molly stopped reading she and the squire looked at each other in surprised dismay. Perhaps a thought of Roger s sudden and impossible return was in the mind of each but neither spoke. They heard Robinson hurrying to answer the unwonted summons. They listened but they heard no more. There was little more to hear. When the old servant opened the door a lady with a child in her arms stood there. She gasped out her ready-prepared English sentence - Can I see Mr Osborne Hamley He is ill I know but I am his .