TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Crafting and executing strategy: Chapter 12 - Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, Strickland

Chapter 12 - Corporate culture and leadership: Keys to good strategy execution. This chapter include objectives: Be able to identify the key features of a company's corporate culture and appreciate the role of a company's core values and ethical standards in building corporate culture, gain an understanding of how and why a company's culture can aid the drive for proficient strategy execution, learn the kinds of actions management can take to change a problem corporate culture. | CHAPTER 12 CORPORATE CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP: KEYS TO GOOD STRATEGY EXECUTION STUDENT VERSION INSTILLING A CORPORATE CULTURE CONDUCIVE TO GOOD STRATEGY EXECUTION Corporate Culture Is the meshing of shared values, beliefs, business principles, and traditions that imbues a firm’s operating style, behavioral norms, ingrained attitudes, and work atmosphere. Is important because it influences the firm’s actions and approaches to conducting business. KEY FEATURES OF A FIRM’S CORPORATE CULTURE Strength of peer pressure to conform and observe norms Actions and behaviors encouraged and rewarded Traditions and stories and “how we do things around here” How the firm treats its stakeholders Features of a Corporate Culture Values, principles, and ethical standards in actual use Management practices and organizational polices Atmosphere and spirit embodied in the firm’s work climate How managers and employees interact and relate to one another 12–3 TRANSFORMING CORE VALUES AND ETHICAL STANDARDS INTO CULTURAL NORMS Recruit and hire applicants with values and ethics compatible to those of the firm. Incorporate the values statement and the code of ethics into orientation and training programs. Have senior executives frequently reiterate and stress the firm’s values and ethical principles. Use values statements and codes of ethics as benchmarks for the firm’s polices and practices. 12–4 TRANSFORMING CORE VALUES AND ETHICAL STANDARDS INTO CULTURAL NORMS (CONT’D) Use core values and ethical principles when evaluating each person’s job performance. Encourage all employees to help enforce the observance of core values and ethical standards. Periodically have ceremonial occasions to recognize individuals and groups who display the firm’s values and ethical principles. Institute strict ethics enforcement procedures. 12–5 PERPETUATING THE CULTURE Screening and selecting new employees Systematic indoctrination of new members Vocal support by senior managers Rewarding those who .

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