TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Project management: The managerial process (6/e) - Chapter 16: Oversight

Oversight practices are directed to improving the way the organization manages all projects. Oversight or governance in multiproject organizations supports the trend of integration over the last three decades. Centralization of project management activities became imperative as projects became more numerous and became the means to implement organization strategy. | 16–1 Project Management 6e. 16–2 Where We Are Now 16–2 Project Management 6e. 16–3 Project Oversight Project Oversight A set of principles and processes to guide and improve the management of projects. Oversight’s Purposes: To ensure projects meet the organizational needs for standards, procedures, accountability, efficient allocation of resources, and continuous improvement in the management of projects. To support the project manager. 16–3 Project Management 6e. 16–4 Oversight Activities At the Organization Level Project selection. Portfolio management. Improving how all projects are managed over time. Assessing and elevating the maturity level of the organization’s project management system. Using balanced scorecard approach to review progress on strategic priorities. At the Project Level Review projects’ objectives. Decide on issues raised by the project manager. Track and assist the project to resolve bottlenecks. Review status reports from the project manager. Audit and review .

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