TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Project management: The managerial process (6/e) - Chapter 2: Organization strategy and project selection

Chapter 2 presents an overview of the importance of strategic planning and the process for developing a strategic plan. Typical problems encountered when strategy and projects are not linked are noted. A generic methodology that ensures integration by creating very strong linkages of project selection and priority to the strategic plan is then discussed. | Project Management 6e 2–1 2–2 Where We Are Now Project Management 6e 2–2 2–3 Why Project Managers Need to Understand Strategy Changes in the organization’s mission and strategy Project managers must respond to changes with appropriate decisions about future projects and adjustments to current projects. Project managers who understand their organization’s strategy can become effective advocates of projects aligned with the firm’s mission. Project Management 6e 2–3 2–4 Projects and Strategy Mistakes caused by not understanding the role of projects in accomplishing strategy: Focusing on problems or solutions with low strategic priority. Focusing on the immediate customer rather than the whole market place and value chain. Overemphasizing technology that results in projects that pursue exotic technology that does not fit the strategy or customer need Trying to solve customer issues with a product or service rather than focusing on the 20% with 80% of the value (Pareto’s Law). Engaging in

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