TAILIEUCHUNG - Ebook Neurological rehabilitation - Spasticity and contractures in clinical practice and research: Part 2

(BQ) Part 2 book “Neurological rehabilitation - Spasticity and contractures in clinical practice and research” has contents: Clinical management of spasticity and contractures in multiple sclerosis, hereditary spastic paraparesis and other hereditary myelopathies, clinical assessment and management of spasticity and contractures in traumatic brain injury, and other contents. | 6 Clinical Management of Spasticity and Contractures in Spinal Cord Injury Martin Schubert and Volker Dietz CONTENTS Introduction. 136 Epidemiology and Specific Aspects of Spasticity in SCI 137 Spinal Shock, Recovery of Spinal Excitability, and Development of Spastic Movement Disorder. 139 Pattern of Spastic Movement Disorder Depends on Patho-Anatomy 141 Pathophysiology-Based Treatment of Spasticity 143 Clinical Signs of Spasticity 144 Spastic Movement Disorder 144 Therapeutic Consequences 145 Patient Selection and Therapeutic Approach. 147 Indication for Treatment of Spasticity in SCI 147 Clinical Assessment of Spasticity in SCI. 148 Clinical Presentation and Anatomical Distribution of Spasticity 149 Physiological Effects of Training 150 The Mainstay of Spasticity Treatment in SCI Is Physical Therapy. 150 Oral Systemic Anti-Spastic Pharmacotherapy. 152 Intrathecal Anti-Spastic Pharmacotherapy. 155 Focal Anti-Spastic Pharmacotherapy: Chemodenervation. 157 Surgical Correction of Contractures 160 Focal Anti-Spastic .

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