TAILIEUCHUNG - Ebook Photoshop Easy-Hard part 178

Tham khảo tài liệu 'ebook photoshop easy-hard part 178', công nghệ thông tin, đồ họa - thiết kế - flash phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Interfaces pt-1 Basic shape It seems that everyone wants to know how to build high-Tech interfaces these days. So here we go We are starting a new series of tutorials this week that will take you from nothing - all the way to a cool i-face for your webpage. We will add remote rollovers and all so stay tuned Today we will start out by creating your basic shape and making it 3D and shiny metal. Of course you can make yours any shape. Lets get started. If you want to cheatdownload the finished PSD file here. By Colin Smith Start with a blank transparent layer. Here we have begun to draw our basic shape using the marquee tools. To add to the selection hold the shift key. To subtract hold down the Ctrl Cmd key. Fill the selection with black. We still want to play around with the shape so keep drawing selections and filling with black or deleting untill you get a shape you like. Use the polygon lasso tool its really cool just click then click again it will draw a straight line between the 2 points. You will have to click back to the beginning point you will see a little circle when the pointer is over the start then click to complete the shape. Cut out some circles and stuff we will add buttons and gizmos here later. Everything should still be on one layer. Load the selection by holding Ctrl Cmd and clicking on the thumbnail picture in the layers pallete. Switch to the Channels pallete. Click on the save selection to a channel button. The new channel is called Alpha channel. Press Ctrl Cmd D to turn off the selection. You cannot affect the pixels outside of a selection Filter Blur Gaussian blur. The larger the blur the more rounded the corners will be. Open the Adjust Levels control. Move the sliders closer together to tighten up the edges a bit. Click ok. Go back to the layers pallete click on our layer and select the object again Ctrl Cmd click This time fill with gray. Filter Render Lighting effects. Load alpha 1 add a blue colored ambient light.