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Các yêu cầu cho SharePoint có thể đơn giản như sau: Việc cài đặt một môi trường 2010 SharePoint, có thể được truy cập thông qua mạng Internet của một nhân viên công ty. Theo tuyên bố này, thiết kế cơ bản cung cấp một SharePoint 2010 extranet. Để hoàn thành việc thiết kế và phát triển, bạn phải xem lại tính năng bảo mật của SharePoint 2010, và bạn cần lời khuyên từ các nhóm bảo mật thông tin trong tổ chức liên quan đến chính sách truy cập Internet. . | 46 Chapter 3 Content of Your SharePoint 2010 Project Plan Chapter 3 The requirement for SharePoint could be as simple as this The installation of a SharePoint 2010 environment which can be accessed via the Internet by a company worker. According to this statement the basic design delivers a SharePoint 2010 extranet. To complete the design and development you have to review security features of SharePoint 2010 and you need advice from the Information Security team in the organization regarding Internet access policies. Further investigation is always required to document and provide a detailed design. The detailed design of the SharePoint platform would not go into the SharePoint 2010. The SharePoint 2010 Quality Plan merely lists the various design aspects the client requires as these become work schedules in the Project Plan. Design and development of SharePoint 2010 is a two-stage process. First you need to detail the client aspirations using the three productivity statements Operational Productivity Personal and Team Productivity and Infrastructure Productivity. These are described in the section Risk Management on page 44. You can map these statements to the following questions put to the client and complete the Design and Development section of the Quality Plan Collaboration Questions Operational Productivity o What kind of data do you produce o Do you want users to create their own sites o Do you have any geographical regions or any regions overseas o Are there any governance concerns such as branding or storage Technical Questions Infrastructure Productivity o Where are your data centers How are they connected Are they in house separated geographically or by building o Is there a Change Management process that ensures standardised methods and procedures are used to handle modifications to hardware and software o Is there a Procurement process concerning the buying of hardware and software Who is responsible for the process in the organization o Is there an .