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Tài liệu tham khảo chuyên môn tiếng anh, giúp bạn tự học tiếng anh cách hiệu quả nhất | Collins COBUILD English Collins COBUILD English DictionaryA a A a A a A a A s a s 1 N-VAR A is the first letter of the English alphabet. 2 N-VAR In music A is the sixth note in the scale of C major. 3 N-VAR If you get an A as a mark for a piece of work or in an exam your work is extremely good. 4 A or a is used as an abbreviation for words beginning with a such as acceleration ampere or answer . 5 PHRASE PHR after v People talk about getting from A to B when they are referring generally to journeys they need to make without saying where the journeys will take them. Cars are for getting people from A to B in maximum safety. a a a a WEAK STRONG 1 DET DET sing-n You use a or an when you are referring to someone or something for the first time or when people may not know which particular person or thing you are talking about. A waiter entered with a tray. He started eating an apple. Today you ve got a new teacher taking you. I manage a hotel. 2 DeT DET sing-n You use a or an when you are referring to any person or thing of a particular type and do not want to be specific. I suggest you leave it to an expert. Bring a sleeping bag. I was waiting for a bus. 3 DET DET n-uncount with supp You use a or an in front of an uncount noun when that noun follows an adjective or when the noun is followed by words that describe it more fully. There was a terrible sadness in her eyes. 4 DET dEt n-mass You use a or an in front of a mass noun when you want to refer to a single type or make of something. Bollinger RD is a rare highly prized wine. 5 dEt DET in quant You use a in quantifiers such as a lot a little and a bit. I spend a lot on expensive jewelry and clothing. I ve come looking for a bit of advice. 6 DET Collins COBUILD English DET sing-n You use a or an to refer to someone or something as a typical member of a group class or type. Some parents believe a boy must learn to stand up and fight like a man. 7 DET DET sing-n You use a or an in front of