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các Sharepoint 2010 dự án kế hoạch, bạn cần xem xét lại tài liệu này với khách hàng để bạn có thể xác minh rằng tất cả các sự kiện quan trọng có liên quan đã đạt được. Sharepoint 2010 Chất lượng các kế hoạch Bởi vì tài liệu này cho thấy ai làm gì và làm thế nào họ làm điều đó, bạn nên xem lại nó với các khách hàng trong quá trình-off ký. | 236 Chapter 15 SharePoint Is Implemented Now What Here is a list of resources you will need The SharePoint 2010 Project Plan You need to review this document with the client so that you can verify that all the relevant milestones have been achieved. The SharePoint 2010 Quality Plan Because this document indicates who does what and how they do it you should review it with the client during the sign-off process. The Quality Plan includes key details about the project including details related to risk management configuration management subcontract management if the project uses external consultants verification and validation. Chapter 15 Note All information relevant to the SharePoint 2010 implementation must be made available centrally on a site in SharePoint and the best place is within the SharePoint One-Stop Shop. The One-Stop Shop is discussed in detail in Chapter 13 Planning and Implementing the SharePoint One-Stop Shop. For example you could have a subsite of the One-Stop Shop called Project Implementation based on a part of a SharePoint 2010 project Web database. The Project Implementation subsite needs to be accessible to members of the project team and other appropriate personnel as defined by the client and technical authority. Additionally all documentation should be considered as part of configuration management. If there were a change to the SharePoint platform certain documents might need to be extracted reviewed and updated in a timely manner through separate implementation projects. That means for example the Production environment System Specifications for SharePoint could be updated under a version control process in a centrally managed site. This prevents documentation for the implementation from being ignored and it informs anyone taking on SharePoint projects in the future how these projects were carried out and more important by whom they were carried out. V J Get Signoff and Work Through the Closure .