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Trong hỏi những câu hỏi liên quan đến quyền gì khách hàng muốn thực hiện 2010 SharePoint, bạn đang thiết lập các phạm vi cho các phần cấp đầu của dự án, tinh chỉnh các kế hoạch dự án, ghi âm yêu cầu người sử dụng quan trọng, và Phạm vi các cơ sở hạ tầng. | 26 Chapter 2 SharePoint 2010 Project Mantra Chapter 2 Ask the Right Questions In asking the right questions concerning what the client wants for the SharePoint 2010 implementation you are setting the scope for the top-level part of project refining the project plan recording key user requirements and scoping the infrastructure. The kind of questions you ask are based on the client s organizational objectives the content they carry the applications they use and how searching for content is carried out. You also need to look at how content is formatted and how information is structured. This is further discussed in Chapter 11 Making Sure SharePoint 2010 Meets User Requirements to help you gauge and identify SharePoint 2010 features that can solve specific challenges. How to Perform an Effective SharePoint 2010 Implementation An effective SharePoint 2010 implementation has a quality plan a project plan a configuration plan testing validation and scope details. All of these elements describe to the client both business and technical what the SharePoint 2010 implementation is and what has been agreed and signed off on by all parties addressed in the implementation plan. The implementation plan has a number of facets described in Chapter 3 Content of Your SharePoint 2010 Plan. In essence all the relevant procedures associated with the SharePoint 2010 installation are known or adhered to. In addition as the project manager you need to sell SharePoint 2010 and to do that you need to do the following Find SharePoint 2010 case studies. Identify the client s Microsoft licensing model. Engage with the client carry out reviews of the organization find out what the client wants to achieve with SharePoint ascertain the technical infrastructure find out how the client s users collaborate find out how users work with Web content and find out how users search for data. This is called gathering user requirements. Plan your deployment carefully. Educate and demonstrate. This fosters .