TAILIEUCHUNG - Quản lý và thực hiện các dự án Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - p 25

Hãy nhớ khi bạn bắt đầu sử dụng SharePoint cho lần đầu tiên? Những gì thu ưa thích của bạn? Các phần mềm thành phần? Môi trường kết nối (ví dụ, Active Directory hay Exchange)? Các báo cáo và kinh doanh thông minh nền tảng như PerformancePoint Server? | 216 Chapter 13 Planning and Implementing the SharePoint One-Stop Shop Chapter 13 Everything Cannot Be Learned Remember when you started using SharePoint for the first time What captured your fancy The software components The connected environment for example Active Directory or Exchange The Reporting and Business Intelligence platforms such as PerformancePoint Server The workflows and business process Document management Records management Collaborating remotely through SharePoint Workspace 2010 Site management and permissioning Access database services Visio services Word collaboration services Or perhaps metadata content types InfoPath forms I could very easily go on What I am saying is that no single person knows the whole of SharePoint because it is a centralized and connected platform there is no limit to its extensibility. And because the platform can easily be customized future development is based on a user requirement or the addition of third-party tools. For example I described the features of SharePoint to a client concerning document management. Following the discussion the client wanted document libraries to be enhanced by being connected to a third-party application they were using that automated an internal process. After some investigation and through gathering user requirements a developer was required to ensure custom coding is done to enhance the document libraries. The actual deployment of that custom feature is not the end of that particular development life cycle because someone has to learn how to use the feature support the feature and manage the feature. If the original developer is no longer available someone else needs to be able to understand what that developer originally did. Okay so we have configuration management to help us out with this because the developer likely documented the code provided training information and so on. The key concept here is that in the SharePoint platform you can t possibly be expected to learn everything.