TAILIEUCHUNG - Quản lý và thực hiện các dự án Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - p 4

Vấn đề duy nhất với cách tiếp cận này là nếu công ty không hiểu được bản chất của quản lý dự án và ứng dụng của mình cho SharePoint, sản lượng của quản trị dự án có lẽ sẽ là vô nghĩa, không hiểu rõ ràng, không tiếp tục áp dụng cho các sản phẩm hoặc thực hiện cả ba . | 6 Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 1 The only problem with this approach is that if the company does not understand the nature of project management and its application to SharePoint the output of project governance probably will be meaningless not clearly understood not continually applied to the implemented product or all three. And when that happens the implemented product becomes a white elephant. Content management systems such as SharePoint need to be designed installed configured delivered and managed. Indeed delivery and management may run in life cycles of their very own. The project management methods of plan control risk implementation and signoff need to be cycled around these systems. SharePoint Project Planning is a fine art. SharePoint projects are created by those who understand SharePoint. There is no point designing projects that look like this Phase 1 1. Research the Market for SharePoint People 2. Get the SharePoint People 3. Purchase Vanilla Ice Cream 4. Install SharePoint Those who do not understand SharePoint may even assume that the third step Purchase Vanilla Ice Cream fits. A SharePoint project manager will demand not only the removal of that step but also describe why it s wrong and ensure there are proper phases covering Investigation and Design and Build and Deploy. In this book we also describe who is required on a SharePoint implementation team their roles and typically what skills are required. Project Management of SharePoint Provides Project Governance Why is project management so important for SharePoint Following are four main reasons. Accountability There are people who need to be assigned responsibility for actions decisions and policies concerning the management of the implementation and governance all within the scope of their role within the project. In other words someone puts SharePoint in place and project management helps this by defining the what when why and where of this implementation. Project Planning in SharePoint 7