TAILIEUCHUNG - Quản lý và thực hiện các dự án Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - p 3

Các nguyên tắc của phần cứng, phần mềm, và kiến trúc thông tin được thảo luận trong chương này. Kiến trúc phần mềm xem xét các thành phần của IIS, ASP NET,. Virtual các thư mục và làm thế nào hợp lý thì được xác định. Kiến trúc phần cứng xem xét năng lực, cô lập, và chia sẻ và xem xét cách yêu cầu cho chúng có thể được xác định. | xx Chapter 6 Building the Resources for Implementation SharePoint Components and Sssociated Pieces Key components are required to deliver SharePoint and this chapter describes what they are and why they are required. Chapter 6 also describes the role of members of the team in collating this data and how the data should be used. Chapter 7 The Business of SharePoint Architecture Chapter 7 describes the concept of architecture and how it is applied to SharePoint. The principles of hardware software and information architecture are discussed in this chapter. Software architecture looks at the components of IIS Virtual Directories and how logically they are defined. Hardware architecture considers capacity isolation and sharing and looks at how the requirements for these can be defined. However information architecture is discussed in detail since this is the foundation of providing the key requirements of hardware architecture planning and how software is then applied to it. The implementation of all of this is then listed as tasks and are slotted into the work breakdown schedule including reasonings and how architecture agreements on Sharepoint also provides risk management detail. Chapter 8 SharePoint Customization This chapter details the when and why of SharePoint customization the development and branding the priorities placed on implementation of SharePoint. It describes what the requirements are to carry out customization of the platform in terms of people and equipment what the process is for ensuring that there is a split between development and production environments the importantance of having a functional environment over its look and when you should go for development and the responsibilities of the project manager to ensure that it is provided in a proper environment. Chapter 9 SharePoint Governance Extremely important to a successful implementation of SharePoint is its governance by which we mean the strategy rules and support process provided .