TAILIEUCHUNG - Quản lý và thực hiện các dự án Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - p 21

Bởi vì chưa có chính sách xác định những gì SharePoint được sử dụng cho, người dùng sẽ được tự do làm những gì họ muốn, khi nào họ muốn, không có trách nhiệm hoặc trách nhiệm nội dung. | 176 Chapter 11 Making Sure SharePoint Meets User Requirements Chapter 11 Because there are no policies defining what SharePoint should be used for users will be free to do what they want when they want with no accountability or responsibility to the content. This will result in a situation known as SharePoint Wild West. This is one of the major reasons why SharePoint implementations fail the lack of user requirements leads to a lack of governance because users have no idea what the product is what premises it is based on or what the strategy is for using it. Users will be able to manage security themselves without understanding it is applied in SharePoint. Another major failing in implementing SharePoint is assuming that security is a walk in the park when creating security control and access to data rules in SharePoint. Full Control permissions in a Shared Drive folder are not the same as Full Control of a SharePoint site. Neither are the responsibilities of individuals who have Full Control of a SharePoint site. The confusion related to this lack of understanding is worse if users are not trained in the use of SharePoint. User requirements therefore need to include security settings at the item repository and SharePoint 2010 site level. SharePoint 2010 is an enterprise application meaning that things such as backup disaster recovery system uptimes and Service Level Agreements SLAs are vital. A key part of gathering user requirements is determining the premise and scope of user SharePoint sites. Will they be project sites Will they be short-term or long-term Human Resource sites What about security creation archiving retention and so on Business function priorities are vitally important to know too. Gathering user requirements includes identifying areas of the business that will require high levels of access to SharePoint monitoring rules various levels of backup and business continuity and disaster recovery features and timing. Backup is extremely important. .