TAILIEUCHUNG - Quản lý và thực hiện các dự án Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - p 19

Một Tuyên bố SharePoint của hoạt động là nguồn lực cốt lõi cho Ban Quản trị và là một đầu ra chính của nhóm. Tuyên bố của các hoạt động được liên tục cập nhật. Nó là một khung mô tả bản chất của SharePoint cho tổ chức. Nó mô tả những nét cơ bản của SharePoint trong tổ chức, trách nhiệm hỗ trợ, chính sách chủ yếu được xác định, sự leo thang của SharePoint vấn đề và sự cố mất điện, sẵn sàng phục vụ, và trang điểm của dịch vụ | 156 Chapter 9 SharePoint Governance Chapter 9 Statement of Operations A SharePoint Statement of Operations is the core resource for the Governance Committee and is a key output of the group. The Statement of Operations is continually updated. It is a framework that describes the nature of SharePoint to the organization. It describes the basic outline of SharePoint in the organization support responsibilities key policies defined escalation of SharePoint issues and outages service availability and the makeup of the service. Segments of the Statement of Operations are as follows Description of the SharePoint hosts on the production farm This is a list of all the SharePoint hosts including a description of the host objective and who the owner or owners of the host are. A description of the SharePoint platforms This is a list of the SharePoint platforms for example the test user acceptance and production platforms . The list should be split by type. For example you might have a mixture of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 platforms. Support How SharePoint is supported including the location of FAQs and training material and the different levels of support available to SharePoint as well as a description of the support model how SharePoint is maintained . For example some organizations have their technical support teams split into three lines o First line those who first receive user calls log the calls and escalate the response if necessary o Second line those who deal with the escalated issues and maintain SharePoint sites o Third line SharePoint administrators as well as architects who maintain and design SharePoint in the organization Responsibilities Describe who is responsible for technical site administration typically the SharePoint administrator maintenance and configuration. Also describe who is responsible for business site administration typically site owners and the escalation paths based on certain parts of SharePoint. Business administration specifies .