TAILIEUCHUNG - Vietnam Law on tendering- Luật đấu thầu

Tài liệu tham khảo về luật đấu thầu (Tài liệu tiếng Anh) | NATIONAL ASSEMBLY No. 61-2005-QH11 SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM Independence - Freedom - Happiness LAW ON TENDERING National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Legislature XI Session 8 from 18 October until 29 November 2005 Pursuant to the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as amended by Resolution 51-2001-QH10 passed by Legislature X of the National Assembly at its 10th Session on 25 December 2001 This Law regulates tendering. CHAPTER I General Provisions Article 1 Governing scope This Law regulates tendering activities in order to select contractors for provision of consultancy services for procurement of goods and for construction and installation for tender packages belonging to the following projects 1. Investment and development projects financed by the State as to thirty 30 per cent or more comprising a New construction and investment projects and upgrading and expansion of construction projects in which investment has already been made b Investment projects for procurement of assets including equipment and machinery not required to be installed c Projects for planning for regional development planning for industry development and planning for construction of urban and rural areas d Projects for scientific research for development of technology and for technical assistance dd Other projects for purposes of investment and development. 2. Projects financed by the State for procurement of assets for the purpose of maintaining regular activities of State bodies political organizations socio-political organizations socio-political-occupational organizations social organizations socio-occupational organizations and units of the armed forces. 3. Projects financed by the State for procurement of assets for the purpose of renovation or major repairs to equipment production lines building works and factories of State owned enterprises in which investment has already been made. 1 Phillips Fox and Ministry of Planning and Investment .

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