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Tham khảo tài liệu 'ebook photoshop easy-hard part 163', công nghệ thông tin, đồ họa - thiết kế - flash phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Tile Shape your photo using tiles and depth to give you a layered depth appearance Mesh Weave together strips of photos in a creative mesh effect Wrinkle Apply photo-realistic wrinkles and depth shading to your photos Installing DS2 is fully compatible with OSX and Photoshop7 and it s a breeze to install. Just run the disk and point to your plug-ins floder. It will ask for the serial the first time you launch the program. I was really happy to see that it installs into the existing Dreamsuite Interface. This way you can build a whole library of effects without the clutter of multiple plug-in folders. When you run the filter it launches the Dreamsuite interface from there you can choose the series you want to use you can then preview the presets and apply them quickly. My thoughts I was stunned by the quality of the effects they have spared no detail in the photorealism. My favorite has to be the Film Frame Art I remember spending several hours on a similar effect a few years ago. If I had Dreamsuite 2 then just this 1 time use would have paid for the product. With DS 2 you can quickly apply amazing effects to your images with no fuss. Each effect is also fully customizable. The product ran smoothly on my G4 with OSX and Photoshop 7. In my opinion DreamSuite 2 is the best Plug-in release for Photoshop I have seen in a while. DreamSuite 2 comes with the Mac and PC versions both on the disk and the effects are available either as a series for 149 or you can purchase them individually from Auto FX for 50 each. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Plug-ins but DS2 has succeeded in that and I recommend it to both Professionals and hobbyists alike Technical Support Forum http vbb Electric text Bước 1 Tạo 1 file liệu mới tùy ý kích thước ở đây tui lấy size là 300x150 và đánh 1 dòng text tùy ý Bước 2 nhân đôi layer text Ctrl J tại layer text vừa nhân đôi - Lên Images - Rotate Canvas - 90oCW rồi mở chuột phải vào layer text này